Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check out my other, BETTER site!!

As you may or may not know, I am now a published author and think that my web presence should reflect that, don't ya think???

So I took my Saving Money blog ( and parlayed it to the super awesome, NEW AND IMPROVED

   Awesome Shopper

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Addition to Seashore Creations! Welcome!

This is my mother's new addition to the Seashore Creations Brand, her shell artistry! It is so awesome, y'all I swear you will love it! We are still currently working on the website content so stay posted for online ordering options!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Uses for Old things

By everyone's favorite magazine, Real Simple, please read 100 New Uses for Old Things.
I could practically write this article (not overly confident, at all!) but it's always good to read these things as a refresher course, and to spread new ideas !!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I have been up to Lately....

Hello my little monsters :) I seemed to have dropped offa the face of the planet. But never fear, I am at the library and have full internet access. Whooo! I hope to be getting my new cell phone soon so that I can post on the go. Look forward to that.

This :: (horrible ugly cabinets)
 has been reverted to THIS :: thanks to a free can of Ralph Lauren Paint
Paul's Son, Ben graduated from High School!
I celebrated Easter with my Mom and Grandma with a lovely Brunch
And went Crabbing and ate lovely delicious fresh crabs :)

I'm getting out of my winter and early spring FUNK and beginning to embrace this summer life. Ah, life is good :) What have you all been up to recently?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shaving & Razor Tips

This is an update of a post from earlier in the year. 

There was a link to an article on my homepage, Yahoo!  (the page that automatically opens when I open my browser) I usually try to atleast read the headlines in the news briefing. Today was a link I thought worth sharing, an article about saving money on your shaving costs ::

Also, I had to (of course) throw my 2 cents in!

The best and cheapest shave I get is with the highest blade count in generic form. If  I have a coupon, I will opt for the pricier Venus or other NON disposable razor. The refills are ridiculously expensive. However, with coupons and sales, and if it is your preference, then go the refillable route.
The best razor I've ever used is the Venus 4 and 5 blade.
Mostly, I buy a 4-blade disposable multi pack - most recently, at the local Dollar Store (not Dollar Tree, where everything is $1). It was a 4 pack of 4-blade disposable womens razors. I think it was a knockoff of BIC disposables, I believe.

Anyway, always keep your razor DRY, as this will delay rusting, almost doubling your razor's lifespan, and buy the highest blade count in generic and usually disposable variety.

New Findings ::
Photo: Steve Mason/Getty Image   


You're told to toss them after: 6 weeks
But they can really last for: 4 months
Keep your blade sharper for longer by dipping it in rubbing alcohol after each use. And rather than leaving the razor near the shower head, where it will get sprayed with water and is more likely to rust, place it at the other end of the tub.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Un-Creative Friday

I apologize, but I have spring fever and have been totally un-creative. So if you are coming by the blog for your first time, you are probably not that impressed.

I'm sorry, and instead, I will share some of my favorite things.

I have been wanting to make something out of old t-shirts. recently i have seen many, many, many projects involving shredded t-shirts.

I do not remember where I found this image. If it is yours, PLEASE write me so I may credit it properly ::

It is one I saved in my inspiration folder on my desktop a while ago.

I want to use shreds of tshirt to braid a scarf like this.
Too bad I didnt think of this idea in winter-time! lol

This pretty cool site College Fashion has a ton of ideas for fashion, and other crafts . and a lot of cool advice about life. makes me feel like a college kid again :)

A Ribbon necklace tutorial.

The lovely Ann at WobiSobi made a bunch of cool clothing items. Here is her blog post about it :)

I made some rosettes from paper. I dont have modge podge on hand so i used some puzzle save my mom has. Works pretty much the same. I have plans for these on a photo frame.

Arby's has a free curly fry for you! love arbys curly fries with cheese..yum.yum.

Today I found an awesome website ... it's called Its a place to give away your old stuff. . It's like ebay, but for free stuff. items are paid for using credits, which you receive 450 of for free when you log in.

we are silly nannies

Also, I have been re-connecting with my significant other, so I have been a little pre-occupied :)

Don't you just love being in LOVE?

Happy Saturday, friends!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Freebie to Share!

Get your free gardening gift pack.

Enter upc codes: 013562302109 and 013562300983

Free Veggie Seeds and Gardening Gloves

Monday = Beach Day!

This is just a shot of the beach from Monday (and my crappy cellphone)

testing from mobile device

test testing from mobile device

this flower bloomed overnight, it is a bastard pot of a bunch of different weeds plants and apparently, flowers :)

Just wanted to share :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pier 1 Pillow Challenge

Large Pom Pom Pillow
Orig. $29.95
Clearance $22.38
Things looking a bit vanilla around the abode? Liven things up with this vivacious pillow.

# Color: Multicolor
# Size: 14"W x 21"D x 2"H
# Textured finish
# Spot clean only

SKU Number:

Come on ladies. I know one of our creative and handy selves can re-create this pillow!!! If you decide to accept the challenge, send me your POM POM PILLOW PICS!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look What I found at Dollar Tree

This weekend I was at my local Dollar Tree, which is within walking distance of my house (oh, the temptations) and right by the front door I see this ::

Solar Yard Lights. The cheapest I've seen them elsewhere is Target for around $3. I bought 4 of these, and promptly put them along the path in front of my mom's house. They work very well and do not look like they cost a dollar each.

When I went back Tuesday, they were sold out. However, you can order them in quantities of 48 for (you guessed it!) $48 at the DT Website

Some Craft Ideas for Solar Lights

Some MORE Craft Ideas for Solar Lights

Linking up to :

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Link Up Time!

* I am stepping aside for a minute to expose you all to some new ideas. My well is kinda running dry, so without further ado ::

I know you have had a great idea. Made a great craft, a great fashion outfit, a great recipe, anything. Please add your link to the blog post about your GREAT FRUGAL IDEA. This linky party will be accepting blogs for over a year. Get ready for THE ULTIMATE FRUGAL IDEA LIST !!!

Grab yourself a button to link-up.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poor Man's Ice Cream

A tip I read on facebook from my friend Beth Ann ::

"Milk, sugar, vanilla and blueberries in the freezer makes poor mans icecream."

Thanks! Never tried , but might have to soon

Yesterday , I went to the beach.

It was a cloudy day, but I was still getting a lot of sun. (yes, I know it is bad for me)

It rained stormed and lightening-ed from midnight till 4-5 a.m., and now, today is the most beautiful day evah! Happy Times!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday's Creativity Roundup

Today I decided that I would try to combine all of my blogs into one blog. Since all blogs are based on creativity and being frugal, I wanted to combine them to be something similar to the other DIY, crafty, idea-filled blogs out there, which I have discovered recently, is an awesome little underground world of super genius ladies who are kind enough to share all of their great ideas.


I get overwhelmed.

Now, I have been blogging for ... geesh, about ten years now. Just about nothing, really. I like to share information with people. I find that a lot of my friends and family are not into putting in extra work to find the lowest price on something. So I like to do it, and drop one or two tips a day at them, until, hopefully, everyone will get it.

(end rambling.)

I actually got out my needle and thread today. I sewed a button into the center of my very first ever made rosette, see below ::

I found a cheap cotton tshirt in a corner today, was walking to the trashcan to throw it out, as I caught myself. I got out the scissors and started shredding. I've seen so many ideas about remaking things with t-shirts, bracelets, scarves... this one XL tshirt yielded a lot of fabric, too! I do not sew but I want to use this fabric for pockets on another cardigan I have.

I used the needle and thread to sew this gray grossgrain ribbon bow onto this strand of pearls, broken off of another necklace.

I kindof like the rosette in there....or is it too much??

My brain is tired, so I think I will head off to bed. Leave me comments. I love comments! Let me know how you like the new blog :)

Tightwad Gazette

this is a report from a review of my FAVORITE BOOK AT THE MOMENT!!!

i totally agree with every word in this review, therefore I don't have to write my own. and credit is due to Heather, . Click Here.
but SERIOUSLY!>!>!>! Go buy or check out this book from your library.

Frugal Tips From the Tightwad Gazette by heather on May 6, 2009
The Tightwad Gazette II

If you’re into frugal living and saving money tips, then I’ve got a treat for you.

A few days ago I took out The Tightwad Gazette II: Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle , by Amy Dacyczyn, from my local library. And, I was enthralled from the first page.

This book teaches you how to frugal hack anything. You can open up any page of this book and find something useful.

The Tightwad Gazette was a newsletter that Ms. Dacyczyn started back in the ’90s. It was a smashing success with readers because they learned tons of ways to save money, and make their things last longer. In fact, Ms. Dacyczyn made so much money off the newsletter and book sales she was able to retire early and raise her family at home.

High fives to her!

All this speaks to the treasure trove of wisdom in these pages. There are three Tightwad Gazette books, and all of them are completely wonderful.

Another cool thing about these books is that Ms. Dacyczyn included countless tips from readers who wrote in over the years with frugal tips of their own. And, these nuggets of money-saving wisdom are invaluable.

So, want to learn some frugal living tips from the Tightwad Gazettes?

Tightwad Gazette Frugal Living Tips

1. Reuse Junk Mail Envelopes- You can reuse the junk mail envelopes you get by carefully turning them inside out. This hides the postal bar code on the front (which would send your mail to the wrong place) and extends the life of the envelope. Note from Amber: I always cut the printed address from junk mail and save them in a tiny box on my desk. all it takes is some scotch tape and free instant address labels!

2. Make Your Shoes Fit With Ice- I loved this tip! If you have bought boots that are too small, try this tip: put a garbage bag into the shoe (make sure it has no holes!) and fill it with water. Tightly tie the top of the garbage bag and put the water-filled shoe in the freezer. As the water turns to ice it expands, and will stretch the leather enough to give your toes more room.

3. Save Money By Marking Your Hubcaps- If you lose a hubcap it’s going to cost $100 or more to replace it. Be proactive by taking off your hubcaps now and, with permanent marker, writing your name, phone number, and “Reward” on the inside. If they fall off, paying someone $20 for returning them will save you big. Note from Amber: I think this is hilarious!!

4. Don’t Buy New Gas Caps
- If you lose your car’s gas cap, then don’t spend money on a new one. Most gas stations have a “lost and found” box full of forgotten gas caps. Often they’ll gladly give you one for free. Note from Amber: VERY good idea. I never knew this but will definitely spread the word!

5. Regulate Your Kid’s Bathwater
- If your kids love to take baths, then put a piece of electrical tape on the inside of the bathtub to let them know when they should turn the water off. This will save money because they’re using less water.

6. Freshen Your Car Naturally
- Instead of buying air fresheners for your car (which are nothing but chemicals we shouldn’t be breathing in anyway), put cloves in your ashtray and leave it open a bit. Do clove cigarettes count ?

7. Make Your Own Puppets- If your kids are hankering for puppets, don’t buy new ones (which are insanely expensive sometimes). Buy stuffed animals at thrift stores and garage sales, open the back seam, and take out the stuffing. You’ve got a great puppet for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

8. Save Your Six Pack Rings- Instead of recycling (or worse, throwing away) those plastic rings that hold six packs together, save them up (and ask your friends to do the same). You can tie them together with fishing line to make a sturdy, lightweight hammock. Note from Amber: Basically Illogical. This book IS from the mid-nineties so some tips are old fashioned :)

9. Reuse Your Onion Bags In The Bathroom- Those plastic mesh bags that your onions (or oranges) come in are invaluable. Use them to store toys in the bathtub; when you hang them up in the tub they can drip dry during the day. Note from Amber: Good Idea!

10. Save Your Metal Juice Lids- Glue a piece of magnetic tape to the back, and a small picture of your child to the front. You can use these to keep track of who’s doing what chores on the refrigerator chore chart. Or, you can use them just as cool, funky magnets. Note from Amber: Silly Idea::: ive never bought juice like that, ever, unleess I was making margaritas!+

11. Save Stuck Envelopes- If you have old envelopes that have sealed closed because of moisture, stick them in the microwave for 20 seconds. This will extend their life, and help you save money on not buying new ones.

12. Throw Your Ziplocks In the Wash- If you want to extend the life of your plastic bags, turn them inside out and put them into your washing machine with a load of laundry. They’ll be brand new and sparkly clean when the wash is done, just make sure that you get them all out before the load goes into the dryer! Note from Amber: This is very logical and smart. saves a lot of money. she goes over the logistics of it in the first version of the tightwad gazette book.

13. Save Those Boxes- If you buy your kids new toys for Christmas, keep the boxes and store them in your attic or basement. When the kids grow tired of the toys and you’re ready to garage-sale them, put them back in the box. Toys in boxes are always bought first, and you can ask a higher price, especially if the toys are undamaged.

14. Save Your Bread
- If you live in a one or two person household, you might find that going through a loaf of bread is impossible before it gets moldy. So usually, you waste part of the loaf. To prevent this put the bread, two slices at a time, into small Ziplock freezer bags and toss them in the freezer. Keep the first half of the loaf fresh. When you get down to the last few slices, start “unfreezing” the frozen bread. Keeping it with just two slices per bag will help prevent freezer burn. You can also save money (and use less plastic) by easily reusing the Ziplocks each time. Note from Amber: I buy a lot of bread on clearance. The other day I got a loaf of Cranberry Oat Italian Bread for 79 cents. We ate it for 2 days, then froze the rest, took it back out and ate it again for another few days. a layer of fat free generic cream cheese, and this was a really delish sunday brunch-type thing :)

15. Get Your Teeth Cleaned- If you don’t have dental insurance, you can get routine cleanings done for a fraction of the cost at your local dental school. The students have to complete several cleanings in order to graduate, and they do a thorough job because a) they’re watched like hawks and b) they’re graded on each cleaning. Note from Amber: just today, I was reading This article on one of my new fave sites, about getting your dental work done at a medical school. There are PROs and CONs , but definitely an option to consider, especially if you're on a budget.

You also learn…

* How to start a great garden using stuff you have around the house (like egg cartons, milk jugs, old lumber and windows…

* How to revive old cast-iron cookware to make them good as new

* How to make your own gourmet mustard

* Why buying in bulk sometimes isn’t the better deal (statistically, you use more of the product at a time when it’s bought in bulk)

* How to make refrigerator bread dough that is cheap, long lasting, and easy to make

* How to make your own toaster pastries at a fraction of the cost of store-bought ones

Last Word…

Seriously, I’m in love with these Tightwad Gazette books. There is so much fantastic information here, and there’s no way I even covered a fraction of it. I’ve greatly trimmed down my books lately, but these are three that I might have to add to my collection.

One thing to note: because these books were written back in the 1990s, the prices are, understandably, a bit out of date. Remember when a gallon of gas cost $1.20? And that was high?

I couldn’t help but laugh at that one.

There’s also tons of frugal recipes in here. I’m definitely going to be trying the refrigerator bread dough one soon, and I’ll post that as soon I make it on my own. Hot cross buns sound pretty yum!

You'll probably also enjoy:::

How To Make Your Own Deoderant

Cut Your Electricity Costs With An Energy Monitor

Don't Fall For These Grocery Store Tricks

Budgeting is the art of doing that well with one dollar which any bungler can do with two.” -Arthur Wellington, British soldier and statesmen (1769-1852)

a gillion freebies to occupy your time

Save money in the kitchen

Reduce spending on the kitchen basics and you'll be surprised how much money you can save. For example, extend the life of your kitchen sponge by tossing it in with a load of dishes in the dishwasher every couple of days or so. This will sanitize it and give you several additional weeks' use.

Cut down on kitchen energy costs

After the dishwasher's final rinse, open the door and pull out the racks. Let the dishes air-dry to save electricity.

Free homework help *

When the kids could use a little assistance―but not enough to justify hiring an expensive tutor―they can ask real educators questions at this study guide site. There’s also a section for parents, so you, too, can brush up on topics from biology to math.

Free matchmaking *

Most of the reputable services include a hefty price tag, but this free site gets high marks for making terrific matches according to your personality profile, and boasts a fun and interactive experience as well.

Free ringtones *

Who doesn’t want to add a personal touch to her cell phone, but those ringtone fees add up! Scan Myxer’s free database of thousands of ringtones (and wallpaper) or use its tools to customize your own and download it to your phone in a snap.

Free virus protection *

This site’s free, dependable package also includes spyware removal, a spam killer, a scam shield and more. I would also recommend Avast Anti-Virus. (

Free graph paper *

HeHe!!! Generate free printable graph paper for lists or homework by choosing the size and grid color, then save your choices so you can quickly access it again.

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Get your kids ready for the SAT, ACT or GRE with these preparation courses, complete with vocabulary builders, practice sessions and tutorials.

Want to illegitimately go back to school??

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Also, classes are offered at * MIT Online

Get a top-flight education without the price tag. MIT OpenCourseWare is a Web-based publication with most of MIT’s courses and exams, and it’s available to everyone. Several other first-rate universities (Harvard and Stanford, to name two) post some course material as well, but none match MIT’s extensive offering.)

Free language courses *

Always wanted to speak a foreign tongue? Whether it’s Spanish or Swahili, become fluent and get the chance to interact with other language learners around the world. Practice conversation with a native and help others with their English.

IDK about you, but my eyes seem to glaze over at this pont::

Free financial planner *

The cost of a financial planner is typically from $150 to $250 per hour. takes your banking information and compiles a financial profile so you can keep track of your spending, saving and more. The site also gives advice on getting a new credit card, negotiating lower interest rates, allocating your investment portfolio and other money matters.

Free (No, SRSLY) credit reports *

You’re entitled to one free report per year from each of the main credit bureaus, and you can access all three―Equifax, Experian and TransUnion―through this reliable site. Keep this form handy to order a copy of your credit report every year. It does not hurt your credit to check your own score.

Free tax return help *

I've done my Federal taxes here for the past several years.

People with low to moderate incomes ($49,000 and less), military families and folks age 60 and older qualify for free help with tax returns from trained volunteers. At the site, locate the category that applies to you, then call the number provided.

Free text messaging *

Sign up for an online account, then enter a friend’s mobile number and carrier so you can text each other. Because the Web site, not your phone, sends and receives the messages, there’s no cost to you. You can also use Yahoo! Messenger to send free texts.

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Gotta point out: this awesome computer deal !

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