Friday, April 15, 2011

Un-Creative Friday

I apologize, but I have spring fever and have been totally un-creative. So if you are coming by the blog for your first time, you are probably not that impressed.

I'm sorry, and instead, I will share some of my favorite things.

I have been wanting to make something out of old t-shirts. recently i have seen many, many, many projects involving shredded t-shirts.

I do not remember where I found this image. If it is yours, PLEASE write me so I may credit it properly ::

It is one I saved in my inspiration folder on my desktop a while ago.

I want to use shreds of tshirt to braid a scarf like this.
Too bad I didnt think of this idea in winter-time! lol

This pretty cool site College Fashion has a ton of ideas for fashion, and other crafts . and a lot of cool advice about life. makes me feel like a college kid again :)

A Ribbon necklace tutorial.

The lovely Ann at WobiSobi made a bunch of cool clothing items. Here is her blog post about it :)

I made some rosettes from paper. I dont have modge podge on hand so i used some puzzle save my mom has. Works pretty much the same. I have plans for these on a photo frame.

Arby's has a free curly fry for you! love arbys curly fries with cheese..yum.yum.

Today I found an awesome website ... it's called Its a place to give away your old stuff. . It's like ebay, but for free stuff. items are paid for using credits, which you receive 450 of for free when you log in.

we are silly nannies

Also, I have been re-connecting with my significant other, so I have been a little pre-occupied :)

Don't you just love being in LOVE?

Happy Saturday, friends!

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