Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday's Creativity Roundup

Today I decided that I would try to combine all of my blogs into one blog. Since all blogs are based on creativity and being frugal, I wanted to combine them to be something similar to the other DIY, crafty, idea-filled blogs out there, which I have discovered recently, is an awesome little underground world of super genius ladies who are kind enough to share all of their great ideas.


I get overwhelmed.

Now, I have been blogging for ... geesh, about ten years now. Just about nothing, really. I like to share information with people. I find that a lot of my friends and family are not into putting in extra work to find the lowest price on something. So I like to do it, and drop one or two tips a day at them, until, hopefully, everyone will get it.

(end rambling.)

I actually got out my needle and thread today. I sewed a button into the center of my very first ever made rosette, see below ::

I found a cheap cotton tshirt in a corner today, was walking to the trashcan to throw it out, as I caught myself. I got out the scissors and started shredding. I've seen so many ideas about remaking things with t-shirts, bracelets, scarves... this one XL tshirt yielded a lot of fabric, too! I do not sew but I want to use this fabric for pockets on another cardigan I have.

I used the needle and thread to sew this gray grossgrain ribbon bow onto this strand of pearls, broken off of another necklace.

I kindof like the rosette in there....or is it too much??

My brain is tired, so I think I will head off to bed. Leave me comments. I love comments! Let me know how you like the new blog :)

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  1. Hugs And thank you for all your sweet comments. do you have an email. I would love to have it!!
    <3 Anne


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