Saturday, April 2, 2011

a gillion freebies to occupy your time

Save money in the kitchen

Reduce spending on the kitchen basics and you'll be surprised how much money you can save. For example, extend the life of your kitchen sponge by tossing it in with a load of dishes in the dishwasher every couple of days or so. This will sanitize it and give you several additional weeks' use.

Cut down on kitchen energy costs

After the dishwasher's final rinse, open the door and pull out the racks. Let the dishes air-dry to save electricity.

Free homework help *

When the kids could use a little assistance―but not enough to justify hiring an expensive tutor―they can ask real educators questions at this study guide site. There’s also a section for parents, so you, too, can brush up on topics from biology to math.

Free matchmaking *

Most of the reputable services include a hefty price tag, but this free site gets high marks for making terrific matches according to your personality profile, and boasts a fun and interactive experience as well.

Free ringtones *

Who doesn’t want to add a personal touch to her cell phone, but those ringtone fees add up! Scan Myxer’s free database of thousands of ringtones (and wallpaper) or use its tools to customize your own and download it to your phone in a snap.

Free virus protection *

This site’s free, dependable package also includes spyware removal, a spam killer, a scam shield and more. I would also recommend Avast Anti-Virus. (

Free graph paper *

HeHe!!! Generate free printable graph paper for lists or homework by choosing the size and grid color, then save your choices so you can quickly access it again.

Free test preparation *

Get your kids ready for the SAT, ACT or GRE with these preparation courses, complete with vocabulary builders, practice sessions and tutorials.

Want to illegitimately go back to school??

Free business classes *

If you’re looking to break into the business world but aren’t sure where to begin, start at this site. Budding entrepreneurs (or those who are simply curious) can take advantage of a wide range of self-paced courses, including How to Prepare a Business Plan, Marketing 101 and Introduction to Accounting. The courses are offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration, free of charge. (p.s. "illegitimately" going back to school is just a funny term that made me chuckle)

Also, classes are offered at * MIT Online

Get a top-flight education without the price tag. MIT OpenCourseWare is a Web-based publication with most of MIT’s courses and exams, and it’s available to everyone. Several other first-rate universities (Harvard and Stanford, to name two) post some course material as well, but none match MIT’s extensive offering.)

Free language courses *

Always wanted to speak a foreign tongue? Whether it’s Spanish or Swahili, become fluent and get the chance to interact with other language learners around the world. Practice conversation with a native and help others with their English.

IDK about you, but my eyes seem to glaze over at this pont::

Free financial planner *

The cost of a financial planner is typically from $150 to $250 per hour. takes your banking information and compiles a financial profile so you can keep track of your spending, saving and more. The site also gives advice on getting a new credit card, negotiating lower interest rates, allocating your investment portfolio and other money matters.

Free (No, SRSLY) credit reports *

You’re entitled to one free report per year from each of the main credit bureaus, and you can access all three―Equifax, Experian and TransUnion―through this reliable site. Keep this form handy to order a copy of your credit report every year. It does not hurt your credit to check your own score.

Free tax return help *

I've done my Federal taxes here for the past several years.

People with low to moderate incomes ($49,000 and less), military families and folks age 60 and older qualify for free help with tax returns from trained volunteers. At the site, locate the category that applies to you, then call the number provided.

Free text messaging *

Sign up for an online account, then enter a friend’s mobile number and carrier so you can text each other. Because the Web site, not your phone, sends and receives the messages, there’s no cost to you. You can also use Yahoo! Messenger to send free texts.

Free greeting cards *

Skip the cost of a card, postage and envelope by delivering an animated e-card for any occasion. Can’t find the right note here? Check out or, for a sarcastically funny selection, visit

Free TV and movies *

This site carries the best selection of TV episodes, along with classic and newer flicks. The official sites of ABC and PBS also post programming, and it’s always worth a search on to catch a missed show or access obscure video clips.

Free silver jewelry *

There is a price to pay here, but it’s only for shipping ($7). Visit daily to see the rotating selection of necklaces, rings and more that can be yours for nothing. The catch? There isn’t one. The company gets to spread its name, and you get to add shiny new baubles to your jewelry box.

Free cruise vacations *

If you’re flexible, click here often to look for rotating deals on free cruise vacations. We found a trip for two that was all-inclusive, except for airfare. The cruise lines post these deals in the hope that you’ll spread the word about your fabulous time on-board.

Free books *

Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on “Free Books.” There you can access more than 5,000 full classics―from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre―to enjoy right on your screen.

Free crosswords *

Rather than buying a book of puzzles for your three-hour flight, choose from a wide selection of free printable crosswords (with solutions) or fill them in right on your computer.

Free music *

This radio site plays music based on your personal tastes. I love pandora, because the first time I listened, I typed in my favorite band, and it built my custom radio station (that was AWESOME and from entering only one band!!!). If you’re a serious rock aficionado, check out

Free medical help *

After signing up for an account, you can manage your health (keeping track of your weight, for example, and how much water you drink daily), watch health-related videos, read articles and send any questions or concerns you have to certified specialists, who will answer you in a timely fashion.

Gotta point out: this awesome computer deal !

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