Saturday, April 2, 2011

ebay Treasures !

Today, in my mailbox, I received a package I recently won on ebay. It's a full size unopened bottle of Proactiv Toner, and a full size unopened bottle of a very fancy Olay Regenerist Cream.

I want to try all this new Olay stuff, but it is pretty pricey. Ebay is a real good place to buy beauty products at a cheap price, so that you can try them before you pay full retail. I already know that I love the Proactiv toner, and it's hard to find a bottle on ebay for even as much as the COMBO of these two items.
I feel like I hit the jackpot !!

And for practically free, I figured I'd give this Olay stuff a try.

Total cost INCLUDING shipping :: $13.00 :)

Olay DNA Superstructure UV Cream with SPF 25 - Retail - $19.99

Proactiv Toner - Retail - $19.95

It's a little cloudy here at the beach today. How is everyone else's Saturday going?

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