Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goodwill & eBay Scores !

We went to Goodwill the other day, on a mission, to find an outfit. In addition to finding the ever-so-important outfit, up by the register, I see a little gem waiting for me ::

It's a Tarte Eyeshadow Pallette!

Tarte is a cosmetics brand sold at Ulta and Sephora, and immediately upon using (the thing was in BRAND NEW CONDITION) the eyeshadow, I could tell that this wasn't your random cheap eyeshadow. I did my research to find out that this particular palette, with a dual side brush and dual eyeliner. Never used. Awesome.

Anyway, retail was about $45.

What did I pay?

Yes, you read that right. A buck ninety nine. I feel like I hit the jackpot, again!!

On to some other stuff I purchased on ebay and received today ::

some sweet pearl necklaces. Including shipping, total cost under $20 !!

The last one had a loose strand of pearls, I said never fear, cause I make jewelry and I can fix it easily. Well, when I was going to fix it, I decided to take the long strand completely off, I am going to be making a different necklace with a broch and grossgrain ribbon :)


I have found a totally useful site. This Category shows you how to make everything from leggings, to purses, bags, and other clothing/fashion.

YaY, again!

Get this :: I am toying with the idea of combining all of my blogs into one blog . Gasp. The horror!

But, it might be fun, and it will definitely give me a chance to weed out the crappy posts, get a little more organized and cohesive, since all of my blogs are about being frugal, basically, I figured I would make it an all around "frugal" blog.
Or something else.
I dunno.

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