Saturday, April 2, 2011

huge free stuff and bargain haul today!

(Originally Posted 1/22/11)

so I shopped at Goodwill the past two days. I got 8 pairs of jeans, a (real) Coach checkbook wallet, a shiseido makeup bag, a sterling silver ring, an interesting scarf thing, a beautifully soft sweater by Soma, a Hollister hoodie , an awesome computer keyboard (ours was in desparate need of replacement) and a crap-ton of home decoration items. Cant forget about the 2 tubes of Nivea Anti-Cellulite lotion, the shower nozzle with the extension rope thingamabob, and the awesome hair dryer!! Total spent :: $38

Yeah. I love shopping at goodwill !!

so Lacey and I had this great idea that we wanted to go dumpster diving. during this outing, we discussed a lot about our business idea of running the consignment shop together. we have most of the ideas and inventory in place, we just need a place to do it, like a storefront or whatnot.

I guess that could maybe be a new goal I am setting for myself....
Anywaysss...... we scored the following, free from the side of the road :: a dirt devil bagless vacuum in excellent working condition, some really interesting driftwood, an Estee Lauder makeup train case, some Avon bath and body products, more coat hangers than I will EVER need again, a beautiful Autumn wreath in a fancy rubbermaid wreath container, a bag of decorative pebbles and a large marble ball, a rad turquoise and brown indian style bracelet, a few cute shirts, a wicker/driftwood chair just missing the cushion, a bunk bed ladder which I plan to use as a bookshelf of some sort, 2 large Rubbermaid storage containers with lids, approximately 20 old records, and approximately 25 books. And a pretty cute piggy bank.

Hanger Overload!

I am amazed at the turn out of this night! we are going to go dumpster diving again, next time, during the daylight .. .and possibly with a truck. we even talked about renting a U-Haul for the day.
... talked about.


That's all I have for you today. Ebay sales are going well ... going to start changing over my wallet stuff from my small Burberry billfold, to my new Coach Checkbook :)

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