Saturday, April 2, 2011

January Fun

(Originally Posted in January 2011)

Wow. I can NOT believe that January is halfway over and I haven't posted at all this year. Happy New Year to you all. I had the best Christmas and New Year's in ... probably Ever. Awesome.

On to other awesome things, like saving money. I am trying to save up about $200. So I have decided to begin selling on ebay again. I used to sell a few years back and made a LOT of extra money. Most of the things I would sell were things I only used once or twice, then I began getting into buying things at the thrift store and selling them on ebay. Kindof like a consignment thing. So I am doing that again. Hopefully I will be able to reach my goal quickly. I'll try to keep you updated :)

The best money saving advice I have for YOU to start the New Year is this :: If you shop at CVS, even remotely, buy the Green Bag Tag. It is a tag that you are supposed to carry on your reusable bag, and every time you shop, they scan your tag. After 4 uses, you earn a dollar extrabuck. These are printed on your receipts, so make sure you are always using your extracare card, your green bag tag and look closely at your receipts to see what special offers are on there. I found a Coca Cola offer on one of my receipts that I wouldn;t have known about otherwise. And as far as reusing a reusable bag, we all should to save the environment, but I always forget mine. So I just have them scan my tag and put the item in my purse ( I carry a large purse) or some of them will scan it anyway and give you plastic bags. Definitely one to check out ::

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