Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saving on Shaving

There was a link to an article on my homepage today. I set Yahoo! as my homepage (the page that automatically opens when I open my browser) I usually try to atleast read the headlines in the news briefing. Today was a link I thought worth sharing ::

Also, I had to (of course) throw my 2 cents in!

The best and cheapest shave I get is with the highest blade count in generic form. If iI have a coupon, I will opt for the pricier Venus or other NON disposable razor. The refills are ridiculously expensive. However, with coupons and sales, and if it is your preference, then go the refillable route. The best razor I've ever used is the Venus 4 and 5 blade. Mostly, I buy a 4-blade disposable multi pack - most recently, at the local Dollar Store (not Dollar Tree, where everything is $1). It was a 4 pack of 4-blade disposable womens razors. I think it was a knockoff of ... actually, Im not sure. And I didnt even look at the price. Shame on me. This artice is useless!

Anyway, always keep your razor DRY, as this will delay rusting, almost doubling your razor's lifespan. Oh, and buy the highest blade count in generic and usually disposable variety.

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